Thursday, December 27, 2007

100 Things About Me, Part 2

It's Theme Thursday at Stacy's, but since I haven't had time to load all of the pictures (and there are HUNDREDS!) from my camera to my computer, I'm going to have to skip this week.

So instead here are a few more things about me that I'm sure you're just thrilled to find out...

The first portion of the list can be found here.

11. I am a total TV junkie.

12. I love Tivo – and I remember what I did without it. But I am quite sure that the discovery of Tivo has contributed to fact #5.

13. Going back to school was one of the scariest decisions I ever made. Before I decided to go back, I only mentioned it to one person. Even after I went back, it took me a while to tell people.

14. Going back to school has been harder and better than I thought it would be. Sometimes the work sucks, but I actually like to learn. This makes me a nerd.

15. I have an insane memory – especially for details. Names, birthdays, hobbies, places, favorites, or anything else that seems completely random is stuck forever in my brain.

16. This is not to say that on some occasions I am not a total space case. Because sometimes I am a TOTAL space case.

17. I am a little afraid that there aren’t 100 things about me period – interesting or otherwise.

18. Adventures In Babysitting is one of my favorite movies. I have to watch it if I see that it is on TV.

19. I love buying gifts for people.

20. I also love wrapping gifts. With bows…the perfect wrapping job is not complete without a bow.


Trish said...

I loved Adventures in Babysitting!

You sound just like me on #13. I haven't told any of my family or my friends that I'm about to start school...only my bloggy buddies. I guess I'm afraid I'll look like a big loser if I can't handle it. In fact, there are times I wish I hadn't blabbed about it on my blog, for the same reason, but the support I received from you guys meant the world to me!

Arizaphale said...

Good for you on the last one. I am the worst present wrapper in the world! I am always amazed and impressed by a beautifully wrapped gift.

natalie said...

We must be about the same age, because I grew up on Adventures in Babysitting (as a young teen-ager, I believe) and watched it HUNDREDS of times.

I get lost in details, so I completely understand remembering the strangest things. Sometimes I pretend to not remember so I don't seem like a stalker. I hate weirding people out.