Saturday, February 2, 2008

Summary Saturday - Project 365, Week 5

January 26:

Jan 26

January 27:

Jan 27

January 28:

Jan 28

January 29:

Jan 29

January 30:

Jan 30 Jan 30 (2)

January 31:

Jan 31

February 1:

Feb 1


natalie said...

Fantastic! You've got the whole DOF thing down. I love every single picture this week, although my MOST favorite picture is the PERFECT grilled cheese. I'll be up tomorrow...out of town now.

Unknown said...

Ooooh...Maggie! I really like this week's. Those boys are so, so, SO darn cute!

Christina said...

I agree with Natalie and Carrie - awesome shots this week!! I love the interesting DOF in the grass shot, and the boys are so totally adorable in their hooded towels.

I'm playing hooky this week. I don't have the new computer hooked up to download pictures yet, and I don't have any editting software. Sigh

jennwa said...

I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the black and white one.Although all the towel shots were so cute.
But that grilled cheese made me hungry, that looked so tasty.

Stacy said...

Great shots from the week. I really like the grass shot.

Dawn said...

mmmm, grilled cheese.

Anna said...

Yum on that grilled cheese!