Saturday, February 16, 2008

Summary Saturday - Project 365, Week 7

February 9:

Feb 9

February 10:

Feb 10

February 11:

Feb 11

February 12:

Feb 12

February 13:

Feb 13

February 14:

Feb 14

February 15:

Feb 15


jennwa said...

I love the Diet Coke picture and the Feb 11 black and white of the boys the best, although they all are great.

Dawn said...

best batch yet in my opinion. mmm, diet coke. must get me some.

and i love the ones of the boys.

Unknown said...

man...I think being "away" for 10 days has made those 2 boys EVEN cuter! and yeah...also a vote for the Diet Coke. The drink of champions.

Brittany said...

i love the boys in the indcredibles costumes!

Christina said...

Love the diet coke at an angle! And I love your little superheroes. :o)

Duck Hunter said...

That is an interesting photo of the diet coke. You take some great photos.

Stacy said...

Great shots! What a good sure helps you to look at the world differently and take shots of more than just your kids. I've been trying to do that myself.