Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. A holiday that most can take or leave. Some celebrate, and some do anything in their power to avoid it. To each their own.
But to experience Valentine's Day in all of it's commercial glory, there is really only one place that you need to go. Where might this place be you ask?

The cafeteria at any girls high school. Because I assure you, dear internet, that you have not experienced Valentine's Day to the max until you have seen the gaudy overwhelming display that occurs in such a place on Valentine's Day. Seriously.

And because I was a good Catholic school girl, I did experience this lovely display first hand, all four years.

And also because I was a good Catholic school girl, I graduated with not only the appropriate knowledge of how to do body shots, drink like a fish wear a plaid skirt, and a healthy dose of Catholic guilt, but also knowledge of patron saints. The first three things have proven to be useful life skills, but I was at a loss with what exactly the benefits of the fourth item might be.

Enter blogging.

Because what makes for better blog fodder other than embarrassing stories pictures random facts about things. And fear not, while you may think that you know all about Valentine's Day - chocolate! flowers! love! - there is more. Oh yes, there is.

And so I give you five random facts I am quite sure that you don't care about didn't know about Valentine's Day...

1. St Valentine

This is St. Valentine. He was beheaded. Because what says "I love you" more than the memory of someone having their head chopped off? I also wonder how he would feel about sharing his day with National Condom Day.

2. He is the patron saint of marraige, engaged couples, and love. That's boring. He's also the patron saint of fainting. Why, exactly IS there a patron saint of fainting, anyway?

3. St. Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers. Also of epilepsy. And the plague. I can understand a little more why these folks are in need of a patron saint.

4. Valentine's Day is part of National Jell-O Week. As in eating Jell-O, not Jell-O wrestling.

5. Valentine's Day is also part of Just Say No to Powerpoints Week. As one who has suffered through experienced many a powerpoint presentation, there are certain individuals who I believe should embrace the "just say no to powerpoints" school of thought.

So go forth and celebrate the day of love. Just try not to behead anyone in honor of the occassion.


Brittany said...

Is that why condoms are on sale AT EVERY store? Because it's national condom day?!?! haha. Crazy.

jennwa said...

YOu are right I did not know any of those facts. That was very interesting.
Who knew there was even a National Condom Day?

niobe said...

The patron saint of fainting? I like that.

Christina said...

Oookay then - poor St. Valentine having to share his day with Condoms and Jello. Haha!

Duck Hunter said...

Who knew you could learn stuff reading blogs? thanks.