Thursday, March 6, 2008

Let's Play A Game

Jen at Amazing Trips (and she is amazing!) was showing everyone what she keeps in her bag. And because I love to be a joiner, I decided to play to. But my purse was closer than the diaper bag, so we'll cover what's in there first. You'll just have to wait on the edge of your seat patiently for the contents of the diaper bag. It will be rough, but I bet you can do it...

So, on to the purse!

Here it is:

What's in the bag (2)

Cute, no? I got it for half price at Payless. It was such a good deal that I got it in brown too. Which I haven't used yet. But I'm sure I will....eventually...

It's sort of a skinny thing, but it can hold quite a bit, see:

What's in the bag (3)

And now, what everyone really wants to know - what the heck is in there?!

First, we have the all important palm pilot. I seriously need it - it has my calendar, my contacts, my to do list, everything. I started using one when they first started to get popular (about a million years ago) and can't imagine being organized any other way.

What's in the bag (4)

And now, the cell phone. I am horrible about answer it, but I always usually have it with me. What did people do in the dark ages before 1999, when you had to actually WAIT until you arrived somewhere to make a phone call?!

What's in the bag (7)

My wallet. It has all that important stuff, like bank cards, drivers license, cash and my checkbook. Exciting stuff, no?

What's in the bag (5)

My little camera. I always have it with me - you never know when you might need to snap a picture of something. And even though it's a point and shoot, I think it takes some great shots. Besides, the DSLR is way too big to fit in my has its very own bag.

What's in the bag (6)

Excedrin. And baby wipes. Things that no one should ever be without.

What's in the bag (8)

The essentials - well, some of them anyway:

What's in the bag (9)

Pens and pencils and Tide Pens - oh my!

What's in the bag (10)

And a random assortment of business cards and professional certifications/licenses. Because you never know when you might need to do CPR on a total stranger and prove you are certified first...

What's in the bag

And so that's what's in my bag - now I want to know, what's in yours?


Brittany said...

Mine is so messy, right now. I am ashamed. I cannot partake! But I love that bag... SO cute!

jennwa said...

I think I have more toys in my purse than my stuff.

Christina said...

That purse is SO CUTE! I want it. :o) I am so begind the times - I don't have a pda or even a cell. Oh well.

I did this nearly a yeat ago...too lazy to do it again right now. :o)

Maya said...

I am ashamed of my purse...not sure if I CAN show it! :)

And loving the purse!!! Where'd you get that?

Lara said...

i actually did this once, it's here if you're interested. :)

we_be_toys said...

It makes me want to quote THE BREAKFAST CLUB; the scene where Ally Sheedy's character has just dumped her purse out on a chair.

"Do you always carry this much shit in your purse?"
"Yeah. I ALWAYSs carry this much SHIT in my purse."

I'm ashamed to show you mine - it has things like dried weed-flowers, and pencil shavings in it- its the kids' fault, I tell you!

Sarah said...

What's in my purse? How long have you got? Seriously, there are a zillion receipts that I don't need, Memory game pieces, pacifiers that Eli doesn't even use, water bottle caps, coupons I'll doubtless forget to use, about five half used lipsticks, I think THREE half used powder compacts... And that's not even the necessary stuff like keys, wallet, phone, etc. My purse weighs more than my children do.

Unknown said...

i love your bag and it seems oh, so very neat!

i also did mine awhile ago, and am with christina...too tired to tackle it again.

niobe said...

Like some other commenters said, I'm not sure I want to look into the dark recesses of my bag to see what scary things lurk there....

Arizaphale said...

I actually did this meme awhile ago and never posted it. Perhaps I'll dig out the photos again?
How did you get so much in that neat bag????

Kimberly said...

Ha! I loved looking through your purse. ;-) Like Christina, I did this last year so I'll just give you a link for now. Though I may have to do an updated version some time soon!