Friday, March 14, 2008

Middle Name Meme

I got tagged for the middle name meme by Brittany, so here we go. I am sure that your Friday will be much more complete once you know not only my middle name, but more random things about me.

So here are the rules for this MEME:

1) You must post these rules on your blog before you answer the questions.

2) You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your MIDDLE name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.

3) When you are finished with your answers, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.

My Middle Name: Elizabeth

E: Every time I get stressed or nervous, I start fiddling with my fingers. I used to bite my nails (and don't anymore) but the habit of messing with my hands is still there. I tap them like crazy - which is a horribly annoying habit.

L: Lies are probably my biggest pet peeve ever. It makes me absolutely crazy when people lie. And although I am almost completely unable to tell a lie that anyone will believe, I almost always know when someone else is lying.

I: I wear sunscreen every day. In the spring/summer/fall when it's warm outside, I wear sunscreen in addition to the face lotion that has sunscreen in it. If I don't, I will burn. And even when I do, I have been known to get a bit crispy. To make my point, I got a sunburn on Tuesday. Apparently it's time to start slathering on the sunscreen again...

Z: Zoos. I love going to the zoo (although not the one here - I am less than impressed with it, to be honest). And I love taking pictures at the zoo. Shocking I probably never would have guessed if I hadn't told you!

A: All of my movies are alphabetized. Shut up.

B: Baseball is one of my very favorite sports to watch. Go Cardinals!

E: Early. I am early to everything almost everything, because I can't stand to be late. But I know that sometimes being early is just as annoying as being late.

T: Tivo. I adore my tivo. If it weren't for that delightful little box, I would never get to see anything!

H: House. House the TV show - which I am obsessed with. I just discovered it recently, and am thrilled that I can see all of the previous episodes mailed to my house courtesy of Blockbuster. And Courtney also pointed out to me that it plays on the weekends on USA and FOX, which means that there is even more for me to see....hooray! That's right, I'm cheering for reruns of a TV show. I really am THAT easy to please.

So, here's where I break the rules. I am supposed to tag 9 people. That seems like a lot. And it's Friday, so my brain (which has been functioning at fractional capacity) is now on the verge of total shut down. So there will be no tagging. But if you are anxious to share your middle name with the internet, then please let me know! I am always up for finding out more random information about people. Like which is longer - your big toe or the one next to it?


Christina said...

My middle name is Nicole and my big toe/its neighbor are exactly the same length. But I'm not doing the meme. ;o)

Me too with nervous fingers. And I should wear sunscreen more, as I burn way too easily. Like, today.

Brittany said...

AH! I love you.

Our movies are alphabetized, too... liars suck....I still bite my nails... and.... we are seriously related in someway- I am convinced!

niobe said...

It seems kind of unfair (for purposes of this meme anyway) that your middle name is so long.

My middle name is Holly, which my mother selected solely because of its Christian associations, which she knew would upset her own mother. My grandmother got even by always calling me Niobe Challah, after the braided bread that religious Jews eat on Friday night.

Unknown said...

Mine is ANN, totally should do this, I would get out easy...but I'm a bit wasted this week, so I will pass...but I liked reading yours! :-)

Arizaphale said...

Mine is Anne too! Very creative mother. I don't even have a relative named Anne. I think half the girls in my generation had middle names that were either Anne, Elizabeth or Louise.

I hate lying. I cannot do it.
My burn free time in the sun is approximately 10 minutes. All my moisturisers are SPF 15.
I am chronically late and I hate people who are early, especially when I have asked them to dinner and I am still vacuuming the lounge!!! :-D
A=alphabetized=anally retentive
My movies are roughly grouped in genres...roughly because kids keep putting things like 'Grease' in with classic musicals.ggrrr
There. It wasn't exactly the meme but there are few more random facts.
Big toe longer btw.

Magpie said...

My middle name is Catherine. But my last name is the same as my maiden name - because I didn't change it when I got married.

And my fee are normal, but my husband's second toes are longer than his big toes.

Magpie said...

That would be "feet".