Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summary Saturday Sunday: Project 365, Week 17

April 19:

April 19

April 20:

April 20

April 21:

April 21

April 22:

April 22

April 23:

April 23

April 24:

April 24

April 25:

April 25


Anonymous said...

where's the photo from the 25th?

Maggie said...

Katie, it shows up just fine for me...but I'll check the code from flickr again to make sure...

Maya said...

That last photo is really cool!

Brittany said...

beautiful! I love them all.

Trish said...

These are all fantastic! There's something about the one of the toys that really caught my eye though. I love the busyness of it!

Dawn said...

There's something really cool about the road/power lines shot.

I also really like the bricks against the sky, one of my fave subjects.

And the sunset. Wow.

Christina said...

You really outdid yourself this week! Each one is better than the one before it. I LOVE the kitty and the sunset!

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous! The lake photo looks so calming, and I am loving the lighting in the action figure shot.

kim said...

Nice photos - as usual. I really like that last one.. very cool.