Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Post I Should Have Put Up A Month Ago

Let me be the first to admit that I am currently sucking just a bit when it comes to getting everything finished. Which is why, while I should have posted this a month ago, I am just now getting it done. Sorry Becky!

But now, look at this wonderful surprise that came in my mailbox, after I won Becky's Pay-It-Forward contest!

PIF Prize (2)

TWO pairs of knitted slipper socks to keep my feet toasty warm -- and they are so soft!

PIF Prize (3)

Waterproof matches in a cute little container, to light candles with for when I go camping again.

PIF Prize (4)

Yummy candy and a great new book to curl up with (while wearing my slipper socks!)

PIF Prize (5)

More yummy sweet treats!

PIF Prize

And how cute are these notecards?!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Becky -- your PIF prize was just what I needed in the middle of a busy week. And Mommy Daisy, YOUR package is in the mail -- and I am so sorry for the delay!

I am still going to have my 3rd and final (at least for now!) Pay It Forward contest, so stay tuned!


Arizaphale said...

How cool is this 'pay it forward' stuff? Ah the tyranny of distance. And talent. Otherwise I might play too.

Shalee said...

That was an absolutely sweet package!

Kimberly said...

Well that just looks like a nice box of comfort!

Anonymous said...

I'm so behind on blogs so you're going to get a lot of comments from me in a row! That is so sweet to get this!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...


I think those M&M's winked at me, so yeah, you know what to do. :)

Cara said...

I love the slippers and the yummy treats!

Jaimee said...

oooh...what a fun package! You totally deserve it!

Stacy said...

Those socks looks so warm! Lucky you! Those notecards are a hoot, too. :)

Becky said...

LOL. I'm a bit behind on my reading, so I just saw this now. I'm so glad you liked your package! I hope fall is going well for you! I love all the photos you've been posting.