Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best Shot Monday: Summary Saturday - Project 365, Week 38

Once again, I didn't get it together on Saturday to get this posted. Friday was my first night shift in a few years, and by Saturday morning all I could think about was getting some sleep. What's that? Plan ahead you say? Ahh, if only I had been that together on Friday....

But I wasn't. But I am now. That counts...right? I could always blame Kimberly for making me see things that weren't there -- if I hadn't been staring at the almond, maybe I would have been more on top of my own posts!

September 27:

Sept 27

September 28:

Sept 28

September 29:

Sept 29

September 30:

Sept 30

October 1:

Oct 1

October 2:

Oct 2

October 3:

Oct 3

For great shots from last week, see what everyone else has to share for Best Shot Monday!

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kim said...

Maggie - I love Sept 28 & 29 - for two completely different reasons. I have to say that I'm impressed that you got anything posted at all.... when my sleep schedule gets screwed up, I'm worthless.

Dawn said...

october 1 is really interesting to me!

Kimberly said...

LOL! That's right, blame it all on me and the phantom almond!

Now you have me guessing. What's that from the 27th? Fresh bread in a bread machine? You totally look like you're having too much fun (either that or being attacked by giant black gloves) in 10/2. ;)

Brittany said...

Oh man. I like so many of them. I can't choose. Can't say I like the text book... I spent all day staring at one of those. boo on the text book.

Christina said...

you are wonder woman to get it posted at all! Go you. :o) I am curious about #1, too (maybe you can start helping Kimberly with What's That Wednesday!). And I love the giant black gloves. :o)

Jaimee said...

LOL! I am right there with you on Kimberly's little game...I stared at that thing for like 15 minutes at a time.... you must be a perfectionist like me?

And, you are crazy...I would certainly say that a night shift is a good excuse to be late posting your Saturday pics!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you even here? Sleep.

I like the library shot. I've been loving words in pictures lately.

Arizaphale said...

I like Sept 28th too. (Is that the lights?...I looked at the date quickly..)
I feel for you on the sleep thing. I am catching up on the term's sleep deficit these holidays.(except for the karaoke anomlay). Hence minimal blogging. I was fascinated by Kimberley's game...and what ARE you doing with the gloves?

Megan said...

october 2 is definitely the most intriguing -- what is going on?? :)

Jen said...

I agree with everyone else. I don't see how you got anything posted at all. I like the glove shot!

Never That Easy said...

These are great - I'm loving following these projects, because people are finding the most interesting things to post. I like the first shot best, because it looks so homey.

Joanna said...

My fave is 9/28. I love the splashes of color and the blurriness.

Cara said...

I like the set 28th one.
ACLS is a tough class, hope it went well.

Anonymous said...

Love love the 28th photo!

Rose said...

I really wanted to do the 365 project, I failed - before I even started! Great pictures for the week!

Stacy said...

You have been a busy, busy lady! I don't know how you can do a night shift. I would be so worthless after that. I know your body gets used to it though. Love the Library sign and that fun glove shot. :)