Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear, I will never understand how time can move so fast. Every time I blink, I feel like I am missing things - life moving at breakneck speed, never slowing for a moment. Did it always feel like that?

And now, for the quick and dirty bullet form!

  • I went to a spinning class this morning. Lesson learned? I don't like spinning class.
  • I woke up in a horrible mood this morning. Aforementioned spin class did not help improve mood.
  • This week is my last week of night classes. HOORAY! I am crazy excited to have an evening at home next week...there are almost no words to describe how great just the possibility of a night at home feels.
  • My excitement at being done with classes tonight is only slightly tempered by the fact that my time off will be spent writing my thesis.
  • I am horribly behind on everyone's Picture a Day and Best Shot Monday posts...but I plan on using tomorrow to catch up -- I promise!

Happy Thursday!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Whew is right! I'm still sitting here smirking at what you learned at spinning class.

You're lesson learned is MY lesson learned. And I heartcha for it.

jodifur said...

was that your first spin class? B/c it takes 2-3 classes before you really get a hang of it. Give it another shot.

Jaimee said...

You always amaze me Maggie...I have no idea how you do everything you do!!! Glad you will get somewhat of a break soon!

Unknown said...

Yeah...I'm with Jodifur, you have to give it a few. I am in lurve with my spin class, and remember it burns an INSANE amount of calories in just an hour!

I'm so with you on waking up and realizing that days have gone right past you though...we need to at least enough so we can catch up.

Arizaphale said...

Firstly: I thought you meant spinning as in wool for a moment! I loathe spin classes :-( It is the most bizarre thing in my opinion, to sit in a room full of lunatics all pretending they are going up a hill on a stationary bike!!

Secondly:My heart sings with joy for the end of night classes. For 5 years I worked a night shift in a path lab. I was so sick of going to work when everyone else was coming home. God Bless the end of night classes I say!!!

Thirdly: Thesis? Ick. Good luck with that one. I'm sure you'll do great.

Thank God for your PAD though as we'd never hear from you otherwise. You are as crazy busy as me if not more so.........