Monday, August 6, 2007

Best Shot Monday

I'm cheating a little, because I have several best shots from this last week. But given that I took a few hundred pictures, narrowing it down to these was pretty good!

These are all from the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha:

White Tiger






For more Best Shot Monday pictures, check here!


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

you got some nice shots. :) i really like the 2nd, 4th and 5th ones a lot.

Kimberly said...

That jellyfish shot rocks!

jenny said...

I love the look on that white tiger's face. :-)

You and I have the same blogger template! ;-) I have I said that before to you?

Christina said...

Wonderful shots! I really love the jellyfish. We made a trip to the zoom a couple weeks ago and I left without a single good animal picture, thanks to chasing my own little monkey. So I'm impressed you were able to capture these with kids in tow!

kim said...

those are some really nice photos. I love animal pics. My favorite is the jellyfish.

Cari said...

Those are great. I think the jellyfish shot is stunning.

Arizaphale said...

Wow! What a selection! Love the electric blue jellyfish and the bad tempered tiger!