Friday, September 28, 2007


There are few good surprises that occur at 2:00 am. Very few.

An unpleasant surprise?

Discovering that your refridgerator/freezer has died, and that all the food inside of said appliance has spoiled.


Please take a moment to mourn the several hundred dollars of uneaten and now spoiled and tossed-out food.


But never fear, all was not lost.


These little fellas were the only survivors.

I'm quite sure that this only happend because I was planning on having people over for dinner. The last time I had a dinner party, my kitchen sink developed a hole in the drain pipe and flooded the cabinet and kitchen. Approximately 10 minutes before 10 people arrived to eat. Clearly I have excellent timing.

All this fun and I haven't even been to bed yet. I can hardly wait to see what the rest of the day might hold...

1 comment:

jodifur said...

oh that sucks.

On a side note we gotta work on your taste in wine. Beringer white zin, no, no, no.