Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things In The News

*The current big debate in St. Louis -- should the white and affluent parents who accidentally left their baby in the car (and the baby died due to the heat) be charged with a criminal offense? Keep in mind that each of them thought that the other would take the baby out of the car, meaning that neither of them knowingly left the child in the car. While this is a horrible thing to have happen, it wasn't on purpose - it was an ACCIDENT. The lack of charges has nothing to do with the fact that they are white or affluent, simply due to the fact that they did not KNOW that the child was in the car. You can read all about it here.

*There is a man who wants to adopt his cousin's baby, who is currently in the MO foster care system. He was apparently rejected due to the fact that he weighs over 500 lbs. So he had gastric bypass surgery and is losing weight. And the courts still will not allow him to adopt the child. I understand that peope who are morbidly obese have health problems that can lead to an early death, but this guy (and his significant other) actually WANT this baby to adopt and rescue from the perils of growing up as a foster child. And yet even after he undergoes major surgery to assist in the weight loss, they still won't let him? I'm not quite sure I understand that. I'm sure there are other factors, but from the way that it sounds right now, I can't quite understand why the child isn't at home with his very wanting (prospective) new parents.

*Need a reason not to go skydiving? How about having trouble with your parachute and landing face first on a parking lot? Sounds like a good enough reason to stay in your plane seat to me - although I have always secretly wanted to go skydiving...just once... That's what happened to this girl - and then she found out she was pregnant. And somehow she AND the baby have survived - talk about lucky! They had an update on her and her now 14 month old son on the Today show.

*Apparently living in the midwest has it's downfalls - I've never heard of (or been to) a water bar. As in a bar that serves only water. Don't get me wrong here, but one of the main attractions of a bar is that they serve ALCOHOL. And I can't possibly be the only one who feels this way. But apparently this woman sells "80 different types of bottled water" - some for up to $55 a bottle! Um...what's wrong with turning on the tap?!

And that is all -- because how can you really top Bling H2O?

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Arizaphale said...

Can't believe that skydiving story!!! Incredible!!!
Re: The Water Bar
I'm with you on alcohol being the main reason for going into a bar in the first place and I will share with you a story about water from an Irish folksinger. (from earlier in the year)
Today I heard an Irish folk singer called Colin Sands on Radio National. He was introducing a song called 'Going down to the well with Maggie' and explained that this was about an elderly relative who lived a very simple life with no electricity and no running water and how, everyday, she had to draw water from the well. He added this...

"Maggie would never have dreamed that the day would come where they would be selling water in bottles. Indeed it is a stroke of marketing genius that someone contrived to sell us in this country, something which falls down on our heads nearly everyday for free. And you never know what's in these bottles. The other day I was reading the label and it boasted that 'the water in this bottle has been filtered for 2000 years beneath the green hills of Ireland'. Then I looked on the lid and it said 'Best Before 1 Dec 2007'." (loose quote)

....made me laugh out loud!