Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday List #23

Since I am currently out of town, this can be the out of town edition of my Sunday List. I'm sure you're all just thrilled to hear it, aren't you?

1. For 40 miles there were signs on the interstate warning of an accident ahead and to expect delays. I'm not sure what type of accident warrents a 40 mile warning, but I was not super excited to find out. So I got off at the last exit before the accident at had the GPS route me a detour....which ended up taking me a completely different way than I have ever been. Which is saying a lot, since I've made the drive between KC and STL approximately 9,634 times. But I took state highways and things for the last 1/3 - and it was beautiful! Not a way I would take every time, but well worth the time I would have spent sitting in interstate traffic.

2. I attended a wedding of a girl I used to be good friends with in high school and college, but who I haven't gotten to see much of in the last few years. Her wedding had everything she always said it would, which I thought was hilarious. And many congrats to her and her new hubby!

3. Being at my parents house causes my dog to glue herself to me at all possible times, afraid that I am going to leave her. While I have never left her here for longer than a few hours, she apparently still has an overwhelming fear that I am going to do so. You would think that my parents and sisters did something other than hold her and feed her treats. But even as I sit and type, she has glued herself to my lap, and only moves her head enough to glare at me if I have the nerve to shift my legs. I do like having a lap dog (most of the time) but this might be pushing it a bit...

4. It is finally not hotter than Hades. I enjoy warm weather as much as the next girl, but it is nice to to feel that I might be able to walk out and fry and egg on the sidewalk. I like my eggs much better when fried in pans anyway.

5. Is anyone else super excited for all the Fall shows to start? Only a few more weeks...

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TheButterfly2 said...

Thanks for your comment on "A few party pictures" I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make that cake and planning the party! It was a fun theme and went well!