Monday, May 21, 2007

A Day of Small, but Frequent, Disasters

Today started off with me not wanting to get out of bed. Never a good feeling. Or a very happy way to start the day.

Garrett was a cranky fuss bucket this morning. Why? No idea...I would wonder who peed in his cereal, but I know that wasn't the problem since I made pancakes for breakfast this morning.

On continues the incessant whining from Garrett. Although Bennett took a nap this morning without requiring me to hold him and pace for 20 minutes. Bonus.

Garrett went to swimming lessons and Bennett and I go for a walk. Yay for exercise. And back we return...missing a shoe. So then we had to get in the car and drive until we found the shoe.

At lunch, I was heating up chicken alfredo voila in the microwave. I take it out to stir it, and drop the ENIRE bowl on the floor. And on Bennett. Please imagine the mess, then increase it threefold. That should paint a more accurate picture.

Follow this lunch with a total scream fest from the small one. And more exercise for me, since pacing for 30 minutes while holding said child is the only thing that would keep him from screaming.

Ahh...and all that fun before lucky is that?!

The good news being that the second half of the day can only be described as much better than the first half.

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