Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a random assortment

Being the resourceful girl tht I am (enough with the snickering...I AM a resourceful girl) I like to keep up with fun things for the kids and I to do. Because we can only go to the same places so many times before I want to tear my hair out. Except Wonderscope...that I think we could go to every day and never get bored...

But I digress. So I found a fun new thing to do at Pump It Up...they have open play for 2-6 year olds on Tuesdays and Fridays. It's a huge room full of inflatable play houses and slides. It was awesome!! I wasn't sure how things would go, since sometimes the best laid plans are disasters. But this couldn't have been better! And let me tell you...all that jumping and climbing was quite a work out! I don't know the last time that I was so sore so fast...and before you make fun, you try it and see how you feel! I'm telling you -- it's hard work, especially when you're holding a one year old!

On Saturday, the kids and I went with a neighbor to Special Families Day at the Fire Station. I couldn't believe all of the things that they had to do -- and Garrett even did some of it, making it even better!

Garrett with the fire hose Garrett waving from car

After we had fun at the fire station, we went to the farm with Bryce, who I'm sure had no idea what he was in for. But was a jolly good sport none the less about feeding the animals and catching fish. Doesn't it look like we had fun?!

Bryce and Bennett Bennett, Maggie, and Garrett

And in non-child related news (which seems to be few and far between, doesn't it?) I got my copy of the MSAR today. Which is basically a big book of profiles of the admitted classes to each of the medical schools for the previous year. It has info on tuition, gpa, mcat scores, special featuers of the school...you get the picture. Having this book in my possession now serves as a reminder of the immediate need to do really well on the MCAT. Which is only 9 days away...not like I'm counting or anything...

And here is Finn, making sure I don't sneek out the door without her knowing...
Finn and the shoes

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