Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Laugh Out Loud

I am a self confessed TV junkie. One of my new favorites - and the first thing to make me literally laugh out loud while watching in quite a while - is Notes From the Underbelly. Seriously - it's a riot. Or at least I think so. But this is coming from the girl who has seen The Wedding Planner about a million times, so you might want to take the recommendation with a grain of salt. Or whatever.

I also went to Wonderscope again today. It was nice - it entertains the kids in a way like nothing else can. Which is, in a word, awesome. Or in two words, super great. But what was greater was the fact that it was followed by a super yummy lunch and then (as if it could get any better...but I assure you, it can) it was followed by 3 bliss filled hours of two boys napping. Ahhhh, if I hadn't spent the afternoon studying for an organic chemistry test from hell, it would have been perfect.

And speaking of the organic chemistry test from did not disappoint. It was most defnitely hellacious. And now just a few short days until finals did I get so lucky?!

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