Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday List #9

1. I take the MCAT on Thursday. Which means that by Thursday night, there will only be a pool of mushy goo left of me. Sad, isn't it?

2. I spent all yesterday at a birthday party for a one year old. And even though the birthday boy went to bed 5 hours before the party ended, we were not detered. Good times. And, I learned a new card game...if you're nice to me then maybe I'll teach you!

3. There are Buddhist monks at Union Station were halfway done making a mandala. And when they left one night, a two year old danced right through it! Oops! And then, to make things even worse...the mother left with the kid and didn't tell anyone about the little dance her child had just finished! Apparently she thought that it would be a nice surprise for someone first thing in the morning... But you have to give the monks some credit, the only thing that they said on camera was that "he was just a little kid" although I have to wonder if there weren't a few more things said off camera about the whole thing. Probably there wasn't, yet one of the many reasons that I am not a buddhist monk...

4. I am excessively nerdy. One of my favorite shows is Numbers. But what makes me nerdy for liking it is that it is a show all about math. Seriously...sometimes I wonder if it's time to break out a pocket protector.

5. I'm sure that by now anyone who knows who Josh Hancock is has heard about what his father is doing. The cliffs notes version is that Josh Hancock was killed in a car accident when he rear ended a tow truck that had stopped to help someone else. After a few days, it came to light that Hancock was drunk. And now his father is suing the restaurant for serving him alcohol, the driver of the tow truck for being in the left lane helping someone else, AND the driver of the stalled car for crashing into the median in the first place. I'm very sorry that he lost his son, but let's be can't blame a guy who had the bad luck to hit the median for a grown man's poor decision. Seriously, let's take some responsibility here folks!

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