Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Surely I am not the only one...

...whose life is ruled by a calendar? And I don't mean something weird, like I sacrifice animals according to a lunar calendar or anything. Just that I am OBSESSED with my own personal calendar. And I am not even sure that obsessed is a word that will do justice to what I am. Seriously.

I am fanatical about writing everything on my calendar. Even if I end up writing it on the calendar AFTER it happened. On it goes, as if there were no record of it if it doesn't get written down.

Birthdays? Check. Anniversaries? Check. Returning library books...drinks...dinner...study time...class times... Well, you get the picture. Everything that is anything goes on the calendar.

And it isn't enough just to write everything down. I also check to make sure that I am not forgetting anything. I happen to use outlook for my calendar, which links with my palm. This sounds a little techno-nerdy, but it's even worse than that. The whole reason that I do it is so that I can have the ability to check my calendar when I'm not at home. I won't agree to anything without checking the calendar first...

So tell me, please, that I am not the only person who is ruled (by my own choice, of course) by my calendar. Surely there are other severely Type A people out there?! And if you are not a calendar keeper, I have to know...how do you do it? How do you make it the places you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there?

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