Friday, November 16, 2007

Also Heard Today:

Also heard today:

Garrett: "AAAAAAAAAAAA!" (followed by lots of tears and more yelling)

Me: "What's wrong?" (from upstairs, where I was with the dog, so I knew she was not the culprit) "Come upstairs"

Garrett: "AAAAAAAA! I can't walk - there's too much blood!"

Luckily, blood does not send me into a panic in any sort of way, since he was indeed covered in blood.

Me: "What happened?"

Garrett: (in between sobs, of course) "I ran into Bennett's head. With my face."


And rest assured, the fun doesn't stop with just what you can hear. Today, I walked around the corner to see what the boys were doing, since they were being fairly quiet. Garrett was holding the dog down...and biting her.

Oh, the joys...

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