Friday, November 9, 2007


So The Oracle of Starbucks (thanks niobe!) says that I am clueless. It also said that I was lame and a stripper, but for now we're focusing on the clueless aspect of this description.

So anyway, I'm clueless. And because I have no problem laughing at myself, I would like to illustrate this for you.

I'm sick, which I do not enjoy. And after the first cold medication buying experience, you would think that I would be all set on the medication front. But you would be wrong. See, I should mention that while I can be a very patient person most of the time, when it comes to feeling like a functional human being I would like that to take place immediately. Or sooner, if possible.

So back to the drug store I went, in search of something stronger. And, for those of you that might be wondering, I did go to a different drug store. I didn't want them to know I was getting more cold medicine (not to mention stronger) after only two days. Yes, I have issues, and I actually worry about things like this. Shut up.

So I find what I am looking for and check out. And then spend all day running around with toddlers. This afternoon I decide that I should take some of my new, powerful medication so that I can be feeling great for my Organic Chemistry II Exam. Good plan no? Since Organic Chemistry all by itself makes my head want to explode.

And as all my good plans seem to, this one fell right apart. By the time I sat down to take my test, I thought I might have been slipped something when I wasn't paying attention. It also made me realize that I would never be able to function if I were a meth addict. I'm not looking forward to seeing how I did on this test, since I can hardly remember taking it. And while some of you have been out of school for a while, it shouldn't be hard to recall that this is NOT a good sign.

I continue on, and end up taking a second dose of my new, stronger medicine so that I could perhaps get something done around the house. And after taking this second dose, I happend to look at the box. You know where this is going, right?

Why I'm Clueless

That's right. NIGHTTIME Cold Medicine. I'm sure that the sleeping aid in there did wonders for my test score.

Maybe the Oracle of Starbucks was not too far off...

What did the Oracle of Starbucks tell you?


Jennifer said...

I gotta go check this out!

Arizaphale said...

Oh I really feel for you. I suffer from a fairly natural form of narcolepsy which strikes usually after meals or at about 2.30 in the afternoon. No matter where I am or what I'm doing. I am an expert at sleeping anywhere - although I have never slept through a test!!! That I recall :-D
Hope they take your cold into account when marking. Oh and I have no idea what Starbucks serves so I can't consult the oracle. :-(

niobe said...

It told me that me personality was "fat." I suppose that's marginally better than the rest of me being fat.

Trish said...

I hope you're feeling better!

I love the Starbucks Oracle! Look at one of the things it had to say about me. *People think you're a sucker because you spend 60% of your annual income at Starbucks.*

How did it know?