Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Randomness

  • There is actually an article that says that oogling is something that you can't help. It also, drumroll please, said that you were more likely to oogle at someone attractive that someone who is not. Umm, not to point out the obvious, but isn't the point of oogling to be looking at someone attractive?

  • Last night I got to go to Found vs. Post Secret, which was really interesting! I enjoy looking at Found Magazine, but I ADORE Post Secret - I just think it's fascinating. If you haven't ever checked it out (and if that's the case, where in the heck have you been?!) then you should. It's worth it - really, it is.

  • I just let the boys have cookies before breakfast. While watching a movie. Clearly I am a total sucker today. Oh well...I suppose that my justification will be to make them eat lots of veggies with lunch. That evens it out....right?

  • And in case you need an idea for a Halloween costume for next year...Police in Arizona said a man in a black Chrysler sedan pulled up to a Burger King worker on the street late one evening and took the uniform he was wearing at gunpoint. [East Valley Tribune, 9-25-07] Hey, it's just a thought....

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Anonymous said...

yup. cookies definitely cancel out vegetables! :-)