Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Let's See Some ID

Because I was feeling rather pitiful and sorry for myself, after I got out of class last night I went to the drug store to find myself some drugs. After grabbing something that might make me feel more like a normal person, I headed to the check out.

Checkout Kid: "Good Evening"

Me: "Hi" Thinking come on now, let's hurry this up. What can I say, being sick makes me cranky.

Checkout Kid scans the cold medicine.

Checkout Kid: "Are you over 18?"

Me: "?!?!?!?!?!?!?" accompanied by a totally blank stare "Umm...what?"

Checkout Kid: obviously annoyed, my idiocy was keeping him from restocking the shelves after all. "Are you over 18 years old?"

Me: "Oh yes. But thanks for asking!"

That's right, I got CARDED while buying COLD medicine. I've been asked for ID on many occassions - and rarely do I go out for a drink (or many) even now without a request for my ID and some studying of it to assure that I am actually the girl depicted on the ID.

But while buying cold medicine?! That's a new one, even for me...


Anna said...

That's a new one! How sweet that he wasn't sure you were over 18! I think that is because of all the meth labs that use an ingredient of cold medicine in drug production. You must have had a shady look about you! :)

Anonymous said...

Only people older than 18 are allowed to have illegal meth labs.

niobe said...

Maybe you shouldn't have tried to buy 26 bottles of cold medicine at one time. And I realize that it was just so you could, uh, stock up for the next time you get sick.

Arizaphale said...

I was only asked for idee once and it was after my 18th birthday!! No-one even pretends to be polite nowadays :-(
My bridesmaid once got asked if she was an unaccompanied minor when flying to Sydney for a wedding dress fitting!
Hope you're feeling better.