Saturday, November 24, 2007

Listening In

At Thankgiving lunch (we do lunch with my mom's side of the family and then the traditional dinner with my dad's side):

Aunt 1: "My book club and I have been talking. We want to buy a cow."

My Mom: "Oh! I just got a catalouge in the mail the other day for that. Do you want a cow, or would you rather have a goat?"

Aunt 1: "I'm not sure - we'll have to see. Maybe both..."

Please keep in mind that my aunt is a high school teacher and my mother is a retired special ed kindergarten teacher. Neither of which are professions that normally deal with ordering goats or cows out of a catalouge.

Oh the things that you can overhear...


Surprise party planning is reaching the zero hour - 11 hours and counting. So far they actually don't know - which is amazing since we were around a bunch of big mouths for Thanksgiving...

Please cross your fingers that I am there for the party - there is a distinct possibility that I might lose my mind before then...

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