Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Haircuts and contacts

Today Garrett and Bennett got their first 'real' haircuts...as in, the first ones that were done by someone other than their parents. All in all, I would say that it went rather well -- and check out how good they look!

First Haircuts! (3)

First Haircuts! (15)

First Haircuts! (20)

First Haircuts! (29)

And, for the record, Shear Madness totally rocks...the videos were the key to the haircuts! Although the suckers didn't hurt either...

In other news...I am missing Spring Break already. I don't know that I can take classes over the summer...I'm totally ready to have my nights free.

And I lost a contact. It was in my red and somewhat angry looking eye all day, but when I went to take it out, it seems to have disappeared. Probably not such a good thing, but nothing I can really do about it now...

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