Thursday, March 8, 2007


The weather today was nearly perfect, and the kids and I had plans to meet some friends at the park for the afternoon. Because it was in the middle, we went to the park near my house, and so we decided to pick up the dog and take her with us. Because, as Garrett says, "she's a good dog". So I run in to get the dog, who is in the kitchen via a baby gate. And that's when I see it.


Or rather, the bag that used to hold all the marshmellows. And a select few marshmellows that are scattered about on the floor - apparently they all did not taste the same. Now, given that this bag was mostly full (and on the counter) when I left, only one thing could have possibly happened. The cat and the dog teamed up and decided to get crazy while I was gone, so the cat knocked the bag off the counter and down to the dog (because the dog is way too little to be able to reach anything on the counter).

I'm no vet, but I can only guess that a bag of jumbo marshmellows is probably not so good for dogs to eat. And, in case you were wondering, not so much fun to clean up off the kitchen floor either -- talk about a sticky mess! But I am feeling rather smart, since at least they weren't on the carpet...that is a mess I don't even want to imagine...

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