Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let me paint a picture for you...

All week long, the kids and I have been talking (ok, I have been talking, but I force them to listen) about having a picnic today for lunch.

This morning comes. Then we get everything together. We get ready to walk out the door. And it's cloudy. Not just a little cloudy, like the sun is hiding. But all out, straight grey. And who wants to picnic in that?!

So a change of plans, and we went to the mall. What kind of fun is the mall for two little boys you ask? Only the MOST fun EVER! Seriously, if you can get past the acid-trip like carpet, take a journey to the Great Mall. It's fantastic.

So off we go to the mall. And on the way Garrett falls asleep. Now this probably does not sound like a major deal...but let me tell you...Garrett is a boy who needs his sleep. And getting woken up...well that is a major deal. But no matter, we pressed on with the day.

After having a jolly good time with Sydney and Christine, I decide that it would be best to leave before the boys had a meltdown. So into the car we went. Bennett was out immediately. Garrett, unfortunately, did not.

And not only did he not fall asleep in the car, but he remained awake ALL afternoon. Until 4:30 pm, when he fell asleep after a 5 minute car ride. And when we went inside and he woke up, he started screaming. And didn't stop.

Turn on your imagination to paint this picture...Garrett screaming and sobbing. Bennett screaming because Garrett is screaming and he thinks is a game. This continues for, I kid you not, 10 minutes. And so I started screaming too...because hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. But apparently the boys did not enjoy my joining in...luckily, my screaming shut them both right up.

But turning on Dora didn't hurt either. I love that little spanish speaking girl...sometimes she is such a lifesaver...

And then I got to take an Organic Lab in the world could anything top that?!

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