Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vacuums and strollers and bedspreads...oh my!

I have come to realization that I am old and nerdy. Which isn't in fact, a realization, I already knew that. So more or less, I have simply found another way in which I am old and nerdy.

I have been shopping lately...which I love. My current favorite purchase include a new bedspread and skirt, new bathroom stuff, a sit and stand stroller, and a new vacuum.
And the part that makes me really old and nerdy? While I love my new bedroom stuff, and my new bathroom, what I am totally excited about are the stroller and the vacuum. They are totally awesome.

Having a new vacuum has made me obsessed with vacuuming, just to see what it might suck up. Totally gross, but I am loving it. You would not believe how much pet hair this thing can pick up -- I swear I don't know how I didn't choke on it before. But this new vacuum is made especially for people who have pets -- and it works just as promised. If you have pets, I do believe that you should have one. Then you can be totally grossed out and a little in love with your vacuum too.

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