Monday, March 12, 2007


There are few things that make me crazier than lies. And I don't mean the big "no, your honor, I swear I thought the car was mine, even though I didn't have the keys and the alarm was going off..." type of lies. I mean the little "Last week..." when really it was only yesterday type of lies. The ones that people can tell themselves so often that they start to think that they are true, rather than something they made up without any really good reason.

I think one of the reasons that it makes me so crazy is because usually the only point in telling these lies is to present yourself ina different way, making yourself into someone that you aren't, thus creating another, and slightly larger, lie. And then you say it so often that you start to believe it yourself. I ran for five miles...I drank the entire bottle...I paid this much... Things that no one else really cares about, but that people use to create a false reality.

And it's the false reality that makes me crazy. Probably because I have some seriously undiagnosed OCD type affliction, and I pay attention to these tiny little details that no one else notices. But it's the tiny little details that stand out when people start creating their own 'mini reality'. It makes it somewhat ackward - you can't really spend all your time correcting someone's representation of things that don't matter in the grand scheme of'd make yourself (not to mention everyone else) insane. But you have to admit, it's somewhat insulting to know that people are lying to you for no good reason at all. Thus, the reason that it makes me nuts.

Is it really so hard to tell the truth? I think not. Now hearing the truth? That's where the real challenge comes in...

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