Monday, September 15, 2008

All Rolled Into One

I started a new job last week - one that I LOVE and am enjoying a ton. But one that is taking up significant portions of my time, and is somewhat invading my time for blogging. Full time work, full time graduate school, full time life -- I have *no idea* why I feel like I have no time to get anything done... But never fear, I have combined SOOC Saturday, Project 365, and Best Shot Monday all into one. Hooray!

My SOOC Saturday shots are Sept 6th and Sept 7th.

And my best shot from last week is Sept 12th.

And they all make up my Summary Saturday: Project 365, Week 36.

September 6:

Sept 6

September 7:

Sept 7

September 8:

Sept 8

September 9:

Sept 9

September 10:

Sept 10

September 11:

Sept 11

September 12:

Sept 12

To see some amazing SOOC shots, check out Melody's! And for some amazing best shots from last week, see what everyone has at Tracey's!


ELK said...

WOW ~ great photos and multi-tasking ; )

Jen said...

Man, you are one busy chick!!! Great photos.

Dawn said...

Congrats on a new job! I was wondering where you were... lovely flower pictures!

Thanks for your encouragement over in my world. How's the running?

Unknown said...

Nice multi-tasking, Mama! I love the flower photo...

Never That Easy said...

Congrats on the new job, and I could see why you'd be a little busy!

Christina said...

Goodness, you get the mult-tasker award of the week. Busy mama! I'm glad you're enjoying the job, and we're enjoying your pics as always. I actually think Sept 10th is my pick for my fave.

Jaimee said... are a busy, busy girl!! Are you working as an L&D nurse?? Awesome shots1

Joanna said...

Holy cow...Nevermind the time. Where do you find the energy?! Its so great to find a job you enjoy. It makes life a heck of alot easier! Congrats. For some reason, I am smitten with the shot of the cookie or bread..or whatever it is, it looks good!

Megan said...

are those cookie bars i spy? sounds like you are the multi-tasking queen!

Anonymous said...

I must bow to you, the new queen of multi-tasking. :)

Delightful shot of kitty, and who'd have thunk of shooting the shower curtain hooks. You. Great SOOC.

Loving every single photo of the week, but I do favor the bokeh in the colorful flower image. Gorgeous.

iMother2.0 said...

Very cool way to bring everything all together...LOVE the second shot and ummmm somewhere I saw cornbread? I'm available for dinner :)

Happy Monday

Amy Jo said...

I love the surgical tools and flower shots! Awesome! Also, way to multi-task!

kim said...

All of those shots are great. I love the vivid color of your best shot. Is the dianthus really that bright?

MGF said...

Seriously you are not busy enough.

So are trying to tell us that you are expecting again or that you are a L&D Nurse? hummmmmmm

Trying for that girl??????

Arizaphale said...

Just my questions too!!!! I'm thinking you're a nurse right? Could you possibly fit in another baby?

Rose said...

I agree with Christina, you are a multi-tasker! wow!

Love your Sep. 12 best shot. very vibrant.

Stacy said...

Oh dear - you do sound very busy. Well, good luck with your new job and your classes.

My favorites are the flower shots - so pretty. Nice job!

Shalee said...

Congrats on the new job, especially because you love it! Let me know when you have a free lunch and we'll hit Fortune Wok together... as if you need another thing to do! :o)

Kimberly said...

Look at you Miss Maggie, taking pro looking shots of flowers now are we? Wowza!

And is that a due date wheel I spy? You're a medical student? Are you still nannying? (Is that a word?) Could I possibly ask any more questions? Pft!

Whimsy said...

Beautiful pictures - but it makes my brain hurt just THINKING about all the stuff you have going on.

Pardon me, I've got to go lay down and take a nap on your behalf.