Thursday, November 29, 2007


Things I have done just today that point to the fact that I am an idiot:

*Overslept and woke up at the time I needed to walk out the door. Never a nice way to wake up.

*Left the house without putting on shoes and instead took shoes with me to put on later. Because apparently I forgot it is almost December and cold outside.

*Took two RIGHT shoes from two different pairs. This makes it significantly harder to actually wear said shoes.

*Lost the GPS and had to empty the entire diaper bag to find it before leaving to go home from lunch. Bonus idiot points because we were trying to leave to go home for nap time...which is sacred and should not be delayed. Also bonus idiot points because without the GPS I would not have been able to find my way home without getting majorly lost.

*Was preparing for my lab final tonight (because my planning skills are so awesome that I am doing in the afternoon of the actual final) and wrote out the procedure (blah blah blah)...for the wrong lab. Thus wasting an entire hour of nap time on worthless homework - double idiot points for wasting precious, sacred napping hours.

Which brings us to right now.
*Writing a post instead of studying for said lab final.

And that is all the idiot things that I have had time to do today. But given that there are still several hours left, I am confident that there is time for the list to get a bit longer. Happy Thursday!


Trish said...

Hehee...sounds like you need a break! Good luck on your final!

Be Inspired Always said...

What a day you had. Hopefully the weekend will make up for it.

Thank you for commenting on my blog.


Unknown said...

i hope you get a nice long regroup this weekend, sounds like you may need it! good luck on your final!!

Arizaphale said...

Sounds like one of my days! Hope the lab final went well. Do let us know!!!