Friday, April 6, 2007

Chucky's baaaaack

Well, Chuck E Cheese is back anyway. That's right - the kids and I spent yesterday afternoon at the Rat Hole (as I like to call it). And not to worry, Garrett is effectively affected by their appropriate marketing...his eyes grow big and wide and his slips into somewhat of a trance like state when we walk in the door.

All in all, I guess that Chuck E Cheese's (aka the Rat Hole) isn't so long as you go in the middle of the day when it isn't packed with people who need their entire family together to make up a full set of teeth. Er, I mean full of lots and lots of people...

Several exciting things happened on our visit to the Rat Hole. One of which being that Garrett continued to remain dry. That's right, despite being lulled into a Chuck E. coma, he managed to keep his pull up dry. What a stud.

Another fun thing that occurred was skee ball. Not just any skee ball, but a contest with Christine and I. Because everyone has to have a little fun...and I think that skee ball is super fun! We were pretty evenly matched (or at least as evenly as possible with all of the small hands that were "helping" us). And then we got the kids. Sydney and Bennett - whose combined ages don't even make 3 yet - were standing quietly and watching the fact that the adults charged with their care were acting like total dorks. And all of the sudden there were ringing bells and flashing lights. The kids won the jackpot. Seriously - the skee ball machine started spewing out tickets...180 of them! Apparently the machine was possessed, but not to worry, we definitely took the tickets anyway -- possessed or not, the machine obviously wanted us to have them!

But even the tickets weren't the most exciting thing (although I know, how do you top a dry pull up and and a ticket jackpot?). With an allergic reaction, that's how.

There we were, all sitting at the table and munching away on pizza, chatting happily away. I gave Bennett a drink of watered down Hi C Fruit Punch and a bite of pizza and turned to make sure that Garrett wasn't doing anything like pulling all the napkins out of the holder or something equally as interesting. And when I turn back to Bennett...he was covered in hives. ALL OVER HIS FACE. Which probably caused a lovely look on my face, because I think my eyes just about popped out of my head. I pick up his shirt, and they're all over his chest too.
Now, Bennett has always been a rashy kid. Usually a little red spot here, one there, and it's no big deal. But hives all over his face?! Now that is not normal. But I resisted the urge to flip out and run screaming for the closest ER and came to my senses. I didn't get that RN behind my name for nothing after all...

After I took away the juice and the pizza, the hives went away pretty quickly. Bennett continued to laugh and smile like nothing was wrong. Although when I tried to get him to take a sip of the drink again, just to confirm that is what caused the big break out he looked at me like I was nuts and adamently refused. And the rest of the day continued without incident.

But much more exciting can a visit to the Rat Hole get?

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