Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday List #4

Five more things to know...

1. I have a cold. This makes the second weekend out of four that I have been sick. I do not enjoy being unwell - I find it inconvenient and unfun.

2. I don't really look like anyone in my family. One sister and a parent has blond hair and blue eyes, the other sister and parent have brown hair and brown eyes. My green eyed, red haired self is quite the mystery. Maybe I was switched at birth...

3. I am terrified of scary movies. I have to cover my eyes and my ears as soon as the scary music starts. If I attempt to watch something scary without doing this I will scream out loud and grab whoever is next to me, usually scaring them to pieces. I would imagine this makes me not much fun to watch scary movies with, but I guess maybe it adds the element of surprise - since you never know when I might make you jump out of your skin.

4. I can't stand naked toes. My toenails have to be painted at all times.

5. I adore scented things - candles and scented oils. I have tons of them (and I use them, not like people who buy them and don't light them) and they make me happy. It makes me feel special to have my house smell good.

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Bon said...

i have a cold too. it sucks.

and i'm with you on the scary movies...the last time i was dumb enough to go see one in the theatre i spent half the movie nattering aloud to my sister-in-law beside me about absolutely nothing because i absolutely could not sit still and watch the horrors unfold, so the babbling released stress.

thanks for your visit & comment over at my place...particularly the info about cells and moms and male babies. that kinda made my heart jump.