Saturday, April 21, 2007

a week by the numbers

20: Number of hours I have spent in class this week

11: Number of above hours that have been spent in lab. It's a good thing I look so good in the lab glasses....

1: Number of holes burned into my jeans from sulfuric acid during said lab. Oops.

20: Number of hours spent studying so far

40: Number of hours I should have spent studying so far...

10: Number of time outs that Bennett has gotten for 'wrestling' Bennett. Which consists of knocking Bennett over and then laying on top of him. Which you can imagine Bennett is not too fond of.

5: Minutes straight that Bennett cries hysterically after each wrestling match

2: Number of hours that the boys nap during the afternoon. At the same time. It's pure bliss, I tell you, pure bliss.

7: Number of days the weather has been beautiful and sunny outside. I think that spring might FINALLY be here to stay. Knock on wood!

8: Number of times I have tried to write my personal statement for my med school application.

0: Number of times I have been successful at writing said personal statement. As it happens, this is also the number of words I have in my current draft of my personal statement. Apparently "Because I want to be a doctor" is not enough for these people.

33: Number of days before Bennett turns 1.

6459: Number of times that I have answered various questions involving where something goes, why it went there, what it might be and how it might get there for Garrett.

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