Thursday, April 5, 2007

Love Affair

Everyone knows that I am totally in love with Oprah. Really. I adore her...and I tivo her show every day. Most of the time I keep quiet about my love, but on occasion I do feel the need to proclaim it once again.

And here we are - ready to share the love of Oprah with the world. Yesterday she had a show on about real life heroes. It was fascinating. The show included a 15 year old girl who fought off a bear in her own house, a man who jumped in a lake to save a girl from a submerged car, a mother who saved her children in a tornado, and a unit that had just returned after 7 months in Iraq.

Now, not many people will have the opportunity to fight off a bear in their home. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Although apparently this girl's neighbors had it as a pet. So if you don't know your neighbors, you might want to investigate their pet situation...just in case. But the second story was about a man who jumped in when he heard that a car had rolled into the water at a yacht club. Which brought up the important question - how many people would actually jump in to save someone else? I would think that anyone would, but I'm not so sure that's actually true.

The mother who saved her children will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. And the amazing thing is that she isn't bitter about it at all - she says she would do the same thing all over again. And I believe her -- and she has great looking kids to show for it. And the soldiers from Iraq had their family reunions on live TV...and it doesn't matter how you feel about war or peace or anything else. You can't be anything but in awe of people who give up their lives and safety to help out other people. And when the finally get to come home, you can't help but be overjoyed for them and their families.

It was all about everyday people who did things for others without wanting anything in return. Which begs the many people do you know that would do something like that for someone else?

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