Monday, April 16, 2007

Forget about Raindrops on Roses

...or whiskers on kittens. My new favorite thing is Zicam. Seriously. Run - do not walk - to any store and get yourself a bunch.

I woke up on Saturday with a horrible feeling cold - the itchy eyes, the scratchy throat, the congested head. Can you say fun?! That's what I thought too...that is so not how I say fun.
So off to the Super Target I go, in search of drugs to fix what ailed me, as well as more Diet Coke. In the cold medicine aisle, I grabbed anything that happend to sound like it might help - cough drops, day time medicine, night time medicine. And then I saw it -- something that promises to reduce cold symptoms in severity and duration. I grabbed the bottle -- and there were no drugs listed on it. Now, usually I am not a big vitamins and minerals can cure all things girl (ok, I am NEVER that way) but the weather is about to turn nice again and I figured it couldn't hurt.

I am a convert...who is in LOVE with Zicam. It is less than 48 hours later and I feel fantastic. Not a throat tickle to be felt, and I couldn't be more pleased. I started feeling a ton better in 24 hours, and I was afraid to say anything in case I jinxed it and it wouldn't last. But it did!

So my public service announcement for Monday: Get yourself some Zicam. It's the wonderdrug - sorry, wonder-mineral - for colds.

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