Sunday, April 1, 2007

Randomness Part 2

Because I know that you have all been waiting on the edge of your seat, here are five more things to know about me...

1. Sloppy handwriting makes me crazy...and not just a little crazy, a LOT crazy.

2. I honestly believe that what goes around comes around (at least to a certain extent...I'm not making sure not to step on ants or anything crazy like that...)

3. If I wish something hard enough, I believe that it just might happen.

4. If you had told me five years ago what I would be doing and what my life would be like today (or that my plans for tomorrow included naptime, swimming lessons, and organic chemistry) I never would have believed you.

5. I believe that every day is another chance to start over and make the right choices.

And there you have it. Five more things about me...I'm sure you already holding your breath, anxious for more...

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