Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday List #6

That's right, another week has passed, and it's time for another list of 5. You can't believe you're being treated to this already, now can you?

1. Finn adores mud. And not just any mud, but mud that you find at the bottom of large puddles - namely puddles as deep as she is tall. Which, as you can imagine, makes quite the mess. Not to mention that she had a radar for the stuff - she can seek out the puddle in a matter of seconds, and then play quite happily there. We went to the dog park yesterday. And that's right - she found the mud puddle of all mud puddles. She also got a bath the second we got home...

2. There is still a flood in my apartment, and it appears to be growing. It's now under the front entryway as well as the tile. I am going to have to go down to complain again, which is distressing, because while you would think I would be good at it, I'm actually terrible at complaining. At least, terrible in a way that gets anyone to do anything. It always seems to end up with me apologizing for needing something fixed. I kept hoping that was something I would grow out of, but I am thinking it might not ever go away...

3. I have a renewed faith that people will do what is right when given the opportunity. Not that I ever really lost that faith, but it would certainly be fair to say that it is called into question on occassion.

4. I am starting to get extremely nervous about the MCAT. I don't usually get nervous about things, so this is extremely distressing to me. I have one month and two days left, but I swear I need a lot more time than that to be ready...eek!

5. I STILL have not gotten an oil change. Chalk it up to another irrational fear - not because I fear parting with my oil, but because they always try to tell me to have all of these things done and then I feel badly telling them no. Seriously, how messed up is that?!

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