Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear TV People

Dear People who decide what shows up on TV:

I, like everyone else, am quite aware of what happened at Virginia Tech on Monday. It was terrible, horrible, awful, and more than that. I appreciate you letting everyone know.
But now everyone knows. The victims have been identified, and everyone has expressed their sympathies at a loss so great.

Now it would be nice if you would leave all of these grief-stricken people alone. Let their phones be quiet, let them mourn in peace. They do not need to give exclusive interviews to anyone or be the lead story on any news cast.

And leave the parents of the shooter alone too. They didn't ever dream that their baby boy would grow up to be this. They didn't ask for it any more than anyone else did. They are devestated to, so let them alone as well.

Everyone wants to know things, and wants to hear the stories, because we are all too nosey for our own good sometimes. But the personal tragedies outweigh the fact that people are obsessed with the horrors of everyday life. So let it rest - if there is new news, please let me know. Otherwise, please leave these poor people alone for a bit - I think that they deserve that, don't you?

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