Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcome to Friday

Welcome to Friday. I'm quite pleased that it is Friday, particularly because today happened to be the one Friday that I didn't have to get up. Which explains why I am still in my pajamas at 10:30 in the morning. Very happily, I might add.

And today is much better than just any old's a springtime Friday. And I love spring! The weather is perfect - the sun in shining, it's just warm enough to wear flip flops if you want to, which means that I can show off my lovely new pedicure that I got yesterday. (And by the way, I got a manicure too, and I look great, if I do say so myself!)

To add to my smashing spring time look, I would like to add that I also have eyes that make you think I might be strung out on some sort of drug. I have never had allergies in my life, but this year, I have eyes that give new meaning to the word angry. They are boodshot and red, and they itch like crazy. Sound like fun? I think so too. It also causes at least three people a day to come up to me and cock their head with a very concerned look and say "Are you ok?!" I'm beginning to think of making up responses, like "Oh, it's nothing...just that I had to take out the trash this morning, and I hate parting with anything" or something like that, just to see what people might say. If nothing else, I bet that a lot fewer would ask me what was wrong!

The weather has actually be nice all week, so the kids and I have been outside quite a bit. We love going to the farm to feed the animals - and don't let the fact that the kids are clinging to me confuse you, I swear that they really love it!

Checking out the goats and the turtles at Deanna Rose (3) Feeding the Goats at Deanna Rose (1) Feeding the Goats - Our first trip to Deanna Rose (5) Checking out the goats and the turtles at Deanna Rose (5)

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