Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday List #5

Would your Sunday be complete without this? I think not!

1. We have had 7 straight days of gorgeous spring weather. While it has made my eyes puffy and itchy, not to mention extremely angry looking, it has been worth it. I heart spring.

2. New people (or person) has moved in above me. Would you like to know how I know this? Because said new person (or people) apparently do no know how to use a washing machine. And how do I know this, you ask? Because I now have 6 huge water spots in various places on my ceiling as a result of their inability to correctly use the washing machine. Not to mention the lake that I had in the laundry room - which is always fun to find by stepping into it in bare feet. Seriously.

3. I have actually made myself study - two consecutive days AND before night fall. This is very impressive and you should all shake your head in amazement, because normally I will find anything to do other than study, especially on nice spring days.

4. I still have not written my personal statement nor asked anyone for letters of recommendation to apply to med school. These are things that I probably should have done yesterday - or even several yesterdays ago. But because tomorrow will eventually become a yesterday, it seems as good a day as any.

5. Last night I got to go out to dinner with my college roommates. One, while I still adore her, I see all the time. The other neither of us had seen since graduation. Well, I saw her once, but since it was the week after I don't think it counts as a totally separate event. Obviously we're really great at staying in touch, huh? But we went to dinner and we had a fabulous time! We have promised not to wait quite so long before getting together again...

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